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This isn't an explanation

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160x120cm Handmade Acrylic Mosaics on canvas

The "painting" is split in two areas.

Top Area -> Blame

- Composed of small screens. On average a person spends 11 hours per day looking at screens (19 during the pandemic).  This portion pretends to show the social programming that is force fed into all of us.

Bottom area -> Guilt

- Composed of three doors, representing our daily choices for indifference, good or bad.

- Most go out into the word each day by way of the door of no intentions - intending neither bad nor good - but when we do so, we invariably return by way of the dark door.

- It's only as we go out into the day through the light door - the door of intending to do good - that we  will return by way of the middle door, or if our intentions are maintained, through the door of good intentions.

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